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Helium's inert properties at arc temperatures make it an ideal gas for welding materials with high heat conductivity such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper and magnesium alloys. Helium is also used in heat treating processes such as gas quenching and in furnace atmospheres to produce parts with higher tolerance and improved quality.

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Premier Aluminum offers a variety of alternatives for leak detection in the castings we produce. These options include pressurized air under water, pressure decay as well as helium leak detection. Our Helium Leak Testers are capable of detecting leaks down to 5 x 10-12 allowing us to satisfy the most stringent pressure-tightness requirements.

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Lomar Helium Leak Testers eliminate the variables and errors inherent in manual leak testing processes. Instead of testing for leaks with a hand-held "sniffer", Lomar Leak Testers use a series of clam shell fixtures each with a fixed detector probe that individually encapsulates and test every potential leak …

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Hydrogen and Helium Leak Rates from Micromachined Ori" ces I.D.Lee,¤O.I.Smith,†and A. R. Karagozian‡ University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California 90095-1597 Hydrogen is widely in use in rocket propulsion systems, and as such, leakage of hydrogen from high-pressure fuel tanks requires accurate quanti" cation.

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HVS Leak Detection provides onsite helium leak testing of Absorption Chillers used in an array of industries, including: HVAC heating and cooling systems for Universities, Hospitals, and Hotels, Combined Heat and Power, Geothermal, Solar, Petroleum and Chemical, Brewery, Printing, Pulp Mill, Palm Oil Production, District Energy, Incinerators, Landfill Gas, Biogas, Coal Bed Methane.

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Helium Leak Testing, Inc. offers state-of-the-art helium leak testing equipment, maintenance and repairs. Our qualified technicians can provide maintenance and repair services on all models of helium leak detectors. No matter your industry, we have the testing supplies you need.

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Helium can also be produced by liquefying air and separating the component gases. The production costs for this method are high, and the amount of helium contained in air is very low. Although this method is often used to produce other gases, like nitrogen and oxygen, it is rarely used to produce helium.

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Leak Detection Associates is the World's Leading Manufacturer of custom-designed, Helium Based Leak Testing Systems serving the development, qualification and testing needs of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and food packing industries.

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Helium leak detectors are the ideal solution for leak detection and leak-tightness testing under vacuum. The test gas Helium is safe and a small, light molecule which is suitable for detecting micro leaks. The detection range of Helium in vacuum tests lies between 10-2 and 10-13 Pa · m 3 /s. Helium leak detection is extremely accurate ...

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Aug 24, 2010· It requires nuclear reactions to produce one element from another. Such as the fusion of hydrogen, or the fission of heavier elements. ... The device is a helium mass spectrometer leak …

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Hydrogen vs. Helium Leak Detection. Helium sniffing was the preferred method of tracer gas leak detection for many years. Equipment cost, helium gas cost and availability has limited the applications in which tracer gas could be used, leaving users to employ less sensitive technology methods.

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Calibrated Leak Maintenance. Quality production helium leak testing requires a calibrated leak both before and after each helium leak testing service. Calibrated leaks are designed for calibrating helium leak detectors. Calibrated leaks must be properly maintained themselves in order to produce the most precise helium leak testing results.

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Helium leak detectors. We build special helium leak detectors and helium leak testing systems. We also sell helium leak detectors. We produce special helium leak detectors for very fast testing of small products and leak detectors that have very high pumping capacity. Some are made to work under rough industrial conditions.

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If you put helium in a balloon and let go of the balloon, the balloon will rise until it reaches a height of just under 33,000 feet (10 kilometers), at which point it will burst because the atmospheric pressure and the strength of the balloon's skin won't be enough to withstand the pressure of the gas inside it [source: BBC Science Focus].. The helium that escapes is lighter than the other ...


Helium leak detection systems work as follows: He is introduced to a test part that is connected to the leak detector. The helium travels through leak into the leak detector, its partial pressure is senzed respectively measured and results are displayed on istrument as flow rate.

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Lomar Leak Testers produce results that are far more accurate, sensitive and repeatable. This, in turn, means the high quality data generated by these tests can be used to precisely identify recurring leak points. Here's how the Lomar leak ... • Helium reclamation systems.

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Sep 01, 2015· Manufacturers in the automotive, refrigeration and air-conditioning industries today rely on helium- and hydrogen-based leak detection systems to assure the overall quality of their heat exchangers. In the automotive sector, strict new governmental emissions and fuel-economy requirements are driving the need for major HVAC and powertrain improvements which in turn will require stricter leak ...

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Dec 03, 2012· Whereas helium was once the main gas used in leak detection equipment, today equipment-makers are looking at helium/nitrogen blends or hydrogen as alternatives. Helium availability undoubtedly will improve in the near future, but no one really can be certain how demand will grow over that same time period.

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Agilent Portable Helium Leak Detector prevents product loss The biopharmaceutical industry uses fermenter and bioreactor vessels to produce a myriad of products. These vessels can be quite large and typically have many wall penetrations. The penetrations can include stirrers, process instrumentation, vents, and fill and drain connections.

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Calibrated Helium Leak Standards. LACO Technologies is the world leader in calibrated leak standard technology due to our proprietary micro tube capillary leak element design, wide scope of accreditation, fast delivery times, and lifetime warranty.

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Helium leak testing systems. We produce helium leak testing systems for testing aluminum castings, SF 6-gas circuit breakers, AC-components, LPG tanks, fuel rails and many other products.. We have more than 40 years experience of producing these systems for leak tests of different products.

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One industrial application for helium is leak detection. Because helium diffuses through solids three times faster than air, it is used as a tracer gas to detect leaks in high-vacuum equipment (such as cryogenic tanks) and high-pressure containers. The tested object is placed in a chamber, which is then evacuated and filled with helium.

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The portable helium tracer gas sniff only MD-490S is considered the Leak Detection "Work Horse" by manufacturing companies worldwide is now available in two tracer gases. MD-490S Dual Gas is the most advanced sniffing Helium/Hydrogen leak detector designed specifically for industrial environments.

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Tracer Gas Leak Test Systems Tracer gas leak testing is a simple and highly-efficient method of leak detection that provides high sensitivity, accuracy, and repeatability. A tracer gas leak test can be used to test parts with very low leak rates that are outside the range for conventional air-flow pressure decay and mass flow testing, or to ...

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Sep 01, 2015· Produce estimates the total leakage, according to the pressure drop on the pressure gauge. ... Patented portable helium leak detector 1) 10 hours battery life, weight 300 g. 2) It …


A leak in the component will produce a bubble stream, which can be less or more intense depending on the size of the leak itself. The size of the bubble will also ... As this is directly connected to a helium leak detector, any possible leak is quickly sensed and indicated.

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Helium Leak Detector Rentals. HVS Leak Detection has the largest inventory of rental helium leak detectors in North America. Our broad variety of models and manufacturers sets us apart. We can meet any industry or application need with a leak detector rental.

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MD-490S Dual Gas is the most advanced sniffing Helium/Hydrogen leak detector designed specifically for industrial environments. The MD-490S Dual Gas utilizes VIC's own industrial-grade mass spectrometer to achieve the highest sensitivity, fastest response-time, and smallest footprint. With a touch of a button, this dual gas unit can detect either Helium or Hydrogen tracer gases, while using ...

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The helium fine leak detector is the most common means of testing for hermeticity. The helium leak detector is simply a mass spectrometer that is tuned to the helium peak, an easily identifiable and characteristic peak in the mass spectrum. In the leak detection equipment the helium ions strike a detector and produce a current, which in turn is ...

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New helium leak detector from Leybold Leybold has launched the PHOENIX 4, a new family of helium leak detectors. With its ergonomic design and improved measuring characteristics, the fourth generation PHOENIX sets new standards – especially in terms of operating comfort, response times, helium sensitivity and reliability, according to Leybold.

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Helium is a noble gas.It is lighter than air, and often used in airships and balloons because it is not flammable like hydrogen.Even though it is the second most abundant element in the universe, the concentration in the atmosphere is very low because most of it escapes into space.

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In 1990, when helium was used in cryogenics, leak detection, and synthetic breathing mixtures, production estimates were no longer recorded, as output and value of crude helium plummeted, and helium in Texas was recovered chiefly by Air Products and Chemicals, Incorporated, in Hansford County.

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Vacuum Leak Comparator. Helium leak artifacts in the range from 10-13 to 10-9 mol/s may be calibrated with respect to NIST-calibrated reference leaks. In this system a mass spectrometer is used to compare the unknown helium leak artifact with a NIST reference leak artifact.